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Located in Norcross, GA, just twenty-four minutes from downtown Atlanta, Timeless Entertainment Group is a full-service multimedia company specializing in music, television, film and digital production. Using cutting edge technologies, we combine design, sound, video and unlimited imagination to deliver the best in class productions.



Television and Film Production

We Make It Happen

Timeless Entertainment Group help companies with the implementation of their television, film and video projects. Our production spots will ensure that your video project is produced in a way that truly speaks to your target audience and helps your brand, services, or products, remain top of mind for customers and prospects.

Why Clients Choose Timeless Entertainment

We help companies with the implementation of their TV/film, video and music production projects.

The Timeless Advantage . . .

  • Professional receptionists to greet your guests
  • Large screen HD TV and projector
  • Presentation equipment
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Wired Internet
  • Conference phone
  • Shipping/Receiving items for meetings
  • Free coffee, tea, & water
  • Video Conferencing
  • Convenient parking
  • Whiteboards
  • Notary services
  • Fax service
  • Virtual Offices Starting at $15/Hour
  • Conference Rooms
  • Office and Mail Services
  • Personal Training Suite
  • Pre and Post Editing Suites

Why Clients Choose Us . . .

The aim of our TV & film production services is to ensure that every aspect of your video production project is painless, effective, and cheerful. Once we decide on your video strategy, we can book spots in the studio to start shooting your television, film or video project. We have green screens too, so we can create any background you desire – bringing the outdoors in, and ensuring you have a high-quality, well thought-out, and professionally produced video for your marketing, TV, or business needs. Shooting a television series, talk show, music video or even a commercial can be a laborious task, but when you work with Timeless Entertainment Group, we make the entire process, interesting and creative, making sure you are involved every step of the way.

Music Production is a process. In involves three core principles: Recording, Mixing and Mastering. Whether you are a single vocalist or a full band, our mission is to achieve the sound you are looking for. We can track completely analog, digitally, or a blend of both. Have tracks recorded somewhere else? No problem, Timeless Entertainment Group welcomes the opportunity to mix your project developing it to its full potential and preparing it for the next phase which is mastering. Mastering is the final step in formatting your project for release. Our mastering services include mix down to tape, to give you that true analog/digital sound. Of course, tape is not a fit for every project and we offer full digital service file creation for a variety of formats.

From highly shareable social graphics and videos to stylized e-commerce interactive banners, videos, instructional videos, product demos and more, we bring speed, efficiency and dynamic impact to your video marketing program. Our digital production services apply our deep experience in the world of print production, complex workflow requirements and color management to digital channels to deliver a consistent brand experience. Contact us for your next multimedia production. We approach each engagement with our clients as if we are business partners. We’ll take time to understand what makes your company different from everyone else so we can use that special quality to develop a unique value proposition.

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GSM-TV Launches Network.

  • By Timeless
  • 14 Feb, 2020
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