GSM-TV Launches Network.

September, 2019 Norcross, GA – On Thursday evening, September 19, 2019, from 7:30 – 9:30 PM, Global Star Media Television (GSM-TV) will launched its global network to millions, from its production headquarters located at 2995 Courtyard Drive in Norcross, Georgia. GSM-TV is a Christian Faith-Based Family Network. Said Founder Tony Tites “Our mission is simple, and our Vision is Clear, to provide wholesome family entertainment that edifies, exalts, educates and comforts you and your family.”

The Network’s Media Spokesperson, Angela Smith states, “This is an important move in the Christian community, because GSM-TV will offer programming choices that speak to our values, hopes and dreams as Christians. GSM-TV will be un-apologetically Christian!”

Television series, Reality Shows, Lifestyle Choices and Spiritual Talk Shows are a few of the programming choices that are ready to launch and are in development. GSM-TV will also showcase award winning faith-based films provided by Christian Film Festivals around the globe including Kingdom Wood International Film Festival based here in Atlanta, Georgia, headed by Audrey Thomas and Joe Williams. Guests attending the launch will have an opportunity to view a sample of programming content, tour the production facility and register for GSM-TV membership offered by the network at an astoundingly affordable rate of $2.92 per month. The network will officially launch post reception.