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At Timeless Entertainment Group, the home of the virtual sets, we design photo-realistic broadcast quality virtual backgrounds for virtual sets. We typically provide low and medium budget productions with affordable tools to create high-quality sets. While our sets are primarily used in post-production, please note that we can easily convert our virtual sets into a real-time rendered 3D model with baked in lighting for use in live broadcasts from multi-million-dollar virtual studio systems.

  •   Virtual Sets Starting at $599.00

What Are Virtual Sets?

Virtual sets are digitally created scenes into which you can composite green screen subjects. In most cases, they’re computer-generated 3D studios, such as you see on the evening news and special programming on CNN, Fox News and 60 Minutes S: In the many various sports programs on network television or even motion pictures. Most virtual set designs try and mimic real-life while providing a greater deal of flexibility, especially when paired with emerging studio technology like augmented reality. In most cases, you will not even know you’re viewing a virtual set behind the on-screen talent – and that’s exactly the result we will achieve!

Get Inspired By These Examples Of Virtual Sets